Frequently Asked Questions

McKinney Park East & Goodwin Management Information


The McKinney Park East website:


On this website, homeowners can access:

•    Association documents

•    Contact information 

•    Pool key/amenity access request

•    Shed guidelines

•    Paint & fence guidelines

•    Architectural request online form

•    Association ID for online payments

•    Payment options

Many of these resources can also be found on TownSquare.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact Goodwin Property Management?

Live Chat: 8:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday at 

Online Contact Form: 

Main Customer Service: 855-289-6007

Local Customer Service: 512-502-7500

Accounting Customer Service: 855-289-6007

Main Goodwin E-mail: 

Property Manager E-mail: 

Property Manager Cell: (512) 230-3220


What is TownSquare? 

TownSquare is an HOA communication app where homeowners can access community documents, reserve the pavilion next to the pool, submit requests, and more. Please contact Goodwin Property Management if you would like to create a Townsquare account. 


How do I submit an architectural control request form?

You can submit an arc request online at:

The Architectural Control Committee is comprised of voluntary McKinney Park East homeowners. Architectural requests can take up to 30 days to review.


How do I request a pool key?

You can request a pool key online at:


Where can I find the McKinney Park East Governing Documents, Bylaws, and other association documents?


How do I reserve the pavilion next to the pool?

Townsquare > tools > reservations > My Reservation

If you do not have a Townsquare account, please e-mail to submit a reservation request.

*Pool restroom access is not included with pavilion reservations. 


Who oversees the McKinney Park East common areas, pool, and playgrounds?

Vendors, inspectors, board members, and our Goodwin Property Management representative monitor these areas. We are always grateful for input from homeowners if you notice areas in need of attention. 


What are the pool’s hours of operation?  

The pool is closed every Monday for clean-up. Typically, open from May 1st – September 30th 5am to 9pm only on weekends. 


How many guests can I have at the pool? 4 guests per home.


Who is on the HOA board?

The McKinney Park East board is made up of elected WH homeowners who hold voluntary positions. Our current board members are Michael Fisher, Michele Thompson, Guadalupe Martinez, Isaac Pozos and Matthew Willis


What is an HOA committee?

Committee participants moderate HOA programs such as events and architectural requests. Please reach out to the board if you are interested in joining a committee.  


How can I find out about HOA meetings?

Homeowners are notified of upcoming meetings via e-mail and through various social media platforms.